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Der Trafikant
wh323_Carry on
Finding Camille_music
-BlueHoney_blue factory_edited
《NieR _ Automata》_ Immersion Research on Game Music
Watch Concept film of Symphony 323

Released in July with full score (9min)

Perform_Tech: avant-garde music with Maciej Ożóg

Artist interviews, based in Poland   

Sick World: music video for Pop band 'Männertherapie'

Illustration videos about Europe's refugee crisis

音の誘い » Hearing Neverland

showreel » ComposerMAX/MSP

Denmark. Poland. London. Vienna

 sound. music   

New release
book arts
Graduate Note » behind-the-scenes
COVID. Mentorship. Netherlands. Nomadland. 3D industries 
WH.DiaryProjects ╳ Best design
2014 -- 2016      Thank u angel 
2015 -- 2017      Re:Create to Re:Trace
2016 -- 2017      Light Atlas.微光輿
2017. Spring      AAS Toronto Expo 
2015 -- ongoing   Media Arts Futures
2017 -- 2018      REVIVE・復活連載 
2018 -- 2019      Symphony 323  
WH.Diary 3worldwide
access at 'Toronto-NewYork'
【WH.Diary 2】reading list, here

2015--2017    WH.Diary 2試験地獄 

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