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Pianist, Linz
Manual Brandtner
Landermusikschulwerk OÖ
Jazz, Band coaching
Manager, Austria 
Richard Pleil
Surgeon, Germany
Freie Musical-Ensemble Münster
Conductor & Director
Ingo Budweg
2018—2019【wh323: Symphony 323

The  ‘language experiment’— Japanese dialogues within Mandarin narrative— inside the Book series is an intervention of【WH. Diary】: to freeze the true quality of “living with the unknown” in order to experience via reading. 

The composition consists of 3 movements and this concept film is made of the first movement with the audio mastering in 2019. All the photography was shot in Japan by the book author, Hua-Chun Fan. The rendition of the full score could be listened here (8:57).

I. movement in F major : Fragile. Joy

II. movement in B♭major : Latent crises. Eruption


III. movement in F major : Interweaving. Reborn

This piece illustrates her stories in Japan before & after the aftermath of the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami, published as【Working Holiday Japanbook series.

Miguel Kertsman
Composer & Academic Director 

Symphony 323


with MiguelHollywood legendary film attorney Judith Merians 

When heading for somewhere you know nothing but have been yearned for long, the best way to equip yourself is not the skills, but brilliant companionsinspiring you on the road.  
2016—2019Krems ╳ Symphony 323

To transform the book concept into music— another language—the author studied her 2nd Master degree of 'Music for Applied Media' at Danube University Krems in Austria, under the guidance of course director and composer, Miguel Kertsman, with talented colleagues from different professions.  

2017—2019London ╳ Symphony 323

During her studies, she's been working with several music companies in the creative publishing industry at central London. The score is finished in summer while she has been collaborating with photographers, poets, artists of varied genres. The music of Symphony323 would be open in early 2019. 

Photographer, Venice
Art. Commercial shooting
based in London
Puppetry Artist
based in London
Light designer, Poland
Heading for Edinburgh Festival Fringe!
Compose for Ines's Puppetry Show at home
Wilfrid gardens, London
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