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Montréal ╳ Halifax— 2015      Re:Create to Re:Trace—Media Art History conference

Denmark ╳ Taiwan— 2016     Thank u angel—Frankfurt Book Fair

Liverpool ╳ Lodz— 2017        Light Atlas.微光輿 

Toronto ╳ New York— 2017    AAS Film Expo : Asia in parallel visions

Vienna ╳ Taipei— 2018           REVIVE・復活連載

Warm thanks to all readers, friends and participants of my Book Projects:

【Tokyo to Kyoto, my wonderful Working Holiday Life!】

 “The Best Book Design from all over the World” at Leipzig Book Fair

2018 Taiwan region, Shortlisted.

Symphony 323・書系配樂

Vienna ╳ London 

Watch the concept film here.




 Re:Create to Re:Trace 

Montréal ╳ Vienna ╳ Halifax

 Symphony 323 

 Krems ╳ London 


 Taipei ╳ Vienna

 Thank u angel 

 Germany ╳ Taiwan ╳ Denmark

2 tsp.


 Light Atlas.微光輿 

 Liverpool ╳ Lodz

 AAS Film Expo 

 Toronto ╳ New York

 Media Arts Futures 


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