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 Book vol.1 & 2 


vol.1 Thank you: Tokyo Diary

WH.Diary 1

Two girlーHana & Fion’s letter diary, one first visited Tokyo with excitement and one experienced the reverse-culture shock who just came back Taiwan. Through Hana’s observation of 6 Taiwanese classmates, we can realize kinds of struggling stories hidden from the 'Working Holiday fad'.

(essay: Chinese;picture: Japanese & English)



試験地獄 : 西東京

vol.2 The Fittest Survive: Shanghai style & McDonald's

WH.Diary 2

Left from school dormitory, the real challenge of job, money, and language just started. Hana moved to the guest house in west Tokyo, then kept her music dream in spite of being fired. Transforming dozens of frustrating failures into the motivation for perfection, this inspiring story aims to courage people who are hesitated to breakthrough in life .


(prose: Chinese;picture: Japanese & Chinese)



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