Fionn. Han (Hua-Chun Fan,范華君) is an award-nominated book designer, film composer and art-technology researcher. She was awarded Erasmus+ scholarship to London for advanced training in creative industries in 2017. After obtaining her 2nd master of Music composition for multi-media in Vienna in 2020, she is currently based in Amsterdam. 

    Fionn participated in the curatorial team to produce No Such Thing As Gravity’ at FACT in Liverpool in 2016, which was touring in Taiwan until 2017 summer. The exhibition is about the collision of arts and sciences that covers quantum theory, tissue engineering, politics construction and memory. Besides, she conducted artist interviews on a monthly basis for ‘Perform_Tech’ 2017 in Poland. She works with curator Dr. Maciej Ożóg, inviting sound artists and performance groups to explore the relationships between information data, dance, technology and the ‘modern’ body.

    Before she came to Europe in 2015, Fionn worked as the Executive Creative Director who was responsible for the comprehensive development of branding scheme, media exposure plan and copywriting in the advertising company. Fionn worked very closely with designers, visual artists and took charge of recruiting photographers, make-up artists to execute promotion campaigns.Thus, she is excellent at coordinating events to achieve the stakeholder’s bespoke requests and have good balance between partnerships, aesthetics and artistic values

    Further, Fionn is the Global Development Representative in the Digital Publications company who specialises in digital archives for academic journals and art magazines of Greater China. Therefore, she is familiar with editing, digitising manuscripts, trans-cultural marketing strategies (Europe, USA, China) and practical management experiences on huge data sets. Since 2017, Fionn has been helping several companies in London develop suitable products and optimise their services into Asia markets. 

    Fionn. Han (Hua-Chun Fan,范華君) lived in Japan during 2010 to 2011 when the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami hit East Japan. Hence, she wrote these experiences as a bilingual book series (Mandarin and Japanese), which was shortlisted for The Best Book Design from all over the World at Leipzig Book Fair in 2018 Taiwan region. The four books of【Working Holiday Japan】series have been touring over 30 cities and exhibited in Frankfurt Book Fair 2014 and AAS Film Expo—Asia in Parallel Visions 2017 in Toronto.



Shoot for the moon even if you miss,

you’ll land among stars.

Les Brown