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Thank you, Carlos :)

Beautiful gift from Barranquilla, Columbia.

Jonas, Carlos and Fionn in Barcelona

Hide and see Spanish, city of romance and childish :)

Media Arts Futures

How many futures can you imagine?

Mike, Fionn with Pedro Marum

Secret Santa, yummy cuisines, stunning Portugal—the warmest Xmas I've ever have!

Great thanks to Marum family

【WH. Diary】Xmas edition, Lisboa.

Maria Cornelis Mike Sijmens

To catch the last train of underground, the stylish anthropologist took me run run run.

Warm thanks to lovely 于靜:)

【WH. Diary】New Year edition, Paris.

Nadine, Berlin

【WH. Diary】 with gorgeous smile in transmediale/conversationpiece.

Viktoria Vikki Tengelin, Sweden

【WH. Diary 2】《試験地獄 : 西東京》with Viktoria, one of the heroines of the book, in London.

Happy moment with Byron girls!

【WH. Diary 1】《謝謝:東京》with Jasmine Chiang in Newcastle upon Tyne, UK.

My privilege to learn from Ryszard:)

【WH. Diary 3】《宝物:雪中的料理》with Professor Ryszard W. Kluszczynski, Chair of School of Media and Audiovisual Culture at Lodz university.

Joyful lunch at Filmbar Krems

【WH. Diary 3】《宝物:雪中的料理》with Devon Schiller, visual semiotician for facial expression of emotion in Art, Science & Technology.

Danube University Krems, 2016

Writing words carefully to the media rhetorician, Devon! (Anyway, he's enjoying the smell of print shipped from Asia:D)

Best team of Asobi Commune (遊び詩社:)

Xue Yu and Natalia show their favourite pages of 【WH. Diary 3】《宝物:雪中的料理》

Intensive thesis time but we survive

【WH. Diary】vol.1-4 with clever classmate Seda in Vienna, directly after my returning from New York.

Miss our discussions on the road

Nothing better than having you on my journeys of Media Arts Cultures :)

Xue Yu(俞雪), Fionn, Natalia Dąbrowska

【WH. Diary 3】《宝物:雪中的料理》with The Asobe Commune from Denmark to Poland.

Let's toast virtual champagne, Seda!

【WH. Diary 3】《宝物:雪中的料理》with Seda Shekoyan, Armenian freelance curator and writer.

Cat café and Polish angel, Zofia

【WH. Diary 3】《宝物:雪中的料理》with Zofia Kłeczek, braces maker and cosplay expert.

Metro Kinokulturhaus, Vienna

Fantastic smiles (& proactive ideas) make your day.

Non-stop creative workers

【WH. Diary 3】《宝物:雪中的料理》with Lia Scarton Carreira, Brazilian media artist and visiting researcher at ZKM, Karlsruhe.

Cause she has Italian passport?

Ravioli—Lia's favourite page of【WH. Diary 3】《宝物:雪中的料理》yum!

【WH.Diary】Book series has been touring over 30 cities to send the print in person to over 80 readers around the world since 2015
— when the author studied in the Erasmus Master program of Media Arts Cultures (aka Media Arts Futures).   
Great thanks for creating countless invaluable moment with Fionn, which enables her to transform those passions into compositions.
【WH.Diary】Book series is a conceptual writing more than a pile of paper, it's evolving to various art forms and still, 
collecting stories on the road :)
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