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・note of 2020-2022.

Time flies.


It’s been probably more than 1 year that I’m able to sit calmly in front of the writing desk, reflecting my life choices based on artistic impulse. A few thoughts I’d like to share today are the milestones after my graduation of master programs, moving back to Taiwan and landing on the current job in the 3D industries.

COVID is the mother of thesis

COVID crushed many people’s plans, including mine. However, I was actually grateful to have such punch in 2020 when there’s the cherry blossom and we were forced to lockdown in Vienna. Being unable to work outside of course made life tougher, but it’s also the very crucial time for me to build up the whole universe of my thesis structure, pushing me to think outside of the ‘geography box’.

Mentorship in Vienna

I met my mentor, Tamon Fujimi (藤見田門), the Director of Creative Development APAC at the MassiveMusic Tokyo office in 2020. Through a few special meetups and project practices, it undoubtedly broadened my horizons on advertisement with music/audio design and more importantly, the industrial mindset to position myself, especially in a global scale.

With such mentality and belief, I became much braver to initiate several video calls with industry professionals when I moved to Amsterdam, another city which was also under severe lockdown in 2021. Simon M. Eder, the managing director of PENTATONE and the co-founder of Primephonic, was the first one who kindly replied my request and generous shared his insights on streaming service of music industries, including Netherlands, New York and the growing Asian markets.

Embarking on Netherlands

Beyond Tamon and Simon, there’re many people we never met in the reality but are willing to help for advices, connections or sharing their own experiences, including Sixième Son (Paris), VICE Media (Amsterdam), Square Enix (London), Tencent Games (Hague) and Spotify APAC (Taiwan/Singapore).


Heartedly appreciated for all the genuine response and your visionary sharing, I felt much prepared for diving to the creative industries with my treasure maps made of collective wisdom 😊

If COVID hadn’t forced people to cancel or postpone every art/cultural events at that time, I might not have received those feedback positively, in such encouraging manner. With crisis comes opportunity.

As time goes by in 2022, I’d like to send my best wishes to Simon for his new appointment at Intermusica in London after Primephoinc acquired by Apple Music last summer. I firmly believe that your ambitions and vision can be well implemented in this greater stage.

2_Simon Eder_Intermusica 2022.png

Also, I’d like to congratulate Tamon for establishing his own company as ‘TAMON MUSIC’ where you can expect cool mixings and wild ideas are going to happen. It’s an invaluable time to work with you and learn from you, thank you very much, Tamon. Looking forward to the next collaborations we might have in the future. Keep in touch!



NOMADLAND. 3D industries

The last night in Veenendaal, the hidden gem of Netherlands, my friend Meiwen invited me to watch the Oscar-winning film ‘NOMADLAND’ at their home cinema. Even though the narrative is soothing, I felt much stronger than any action film. It illustrates a widow’s journey of mourning and healing to remember (or forget) the beloved ones.

As a nomad, she is not homeless, but houseless.

Since I’d been moving to so many countries, changing various accommodations one after another for the past few years, Fern’s story really spoke to me especially at the last moment of leaving Europe—a place I’ve been considered as ‘home’ for 6 years. 

There’re definitely more perspectives worth to discuss on this poetic film. But I’d like to use Bob Wells’ words to conclude my journey from Austria, Denmark, UK, Poland to Netherlands, sending this message to all the beautiful souls I met in Europe from 2015 to 2021:

I met hundreds of people out here and I never said a final goodbye. 

I just say ”I’ll see you down the road”. And I do, I see them again.

And I can be certain to my heart, I’ll see you again.’ —Bob Wells

See you down the road :)

For people who are interested in 3D animations, it’s quite likely happen as I currently work in a tech company who specialises in producing 2D/3D softwares for creative industries. And we also sponsor artists to do character animations. Please feel free to ask if you’d like to know more ;)

♧ NOMADLAND | Official Trailer (2:05) 

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