Micro Movie Script, 2013

Logline of Rosalia.愛情「爵」緣體

It is a romantic comedy in a flower shop named “Rosalia”,which not only means melody in Italian but also symbolises a 'sleeping beauty', a died love.


It talks about how flowers connect these different characters, one is heartbroken by the jazz, the other is chasing his dream of jazz; and how the jazz make the died love rebirth.

現代男女無論暗戀或不婚、執著或灑脫,對於愛情都有各自詮釋。當不再相信愛情的冰山,遇上不計回報、熱情付出的烈火時,會發生什麼化學變化? 冰與火有可能融合嗎?




  •  Key characters.人物 

    2 weeks before Valentine’s day, the multiplied orders made Rosa have no chance but to hire someone to help her...

  •  Set-up.情節 

    She couldn’t understand why Freeman persists in attending those auditions. Is it worthy to chase a fragile dream?

  •  Conflict.衝突

    The day of concert, Rosa didn’t come but sent a bouquet for him instead. Freeman was very disappointed.

  •  Resolution.結局 

    Rosa who took charge of the wedding program can do nothing but contact Freeman. She left a message in despair...

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