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 Rosalia. 愛情「爵」緣體 

Key characters:
Rosa & Freeman


▪ Freeman, 25 years old, a poor music college student who is passionate for his dream of winning the jazz competition, but always missing chances in his life, such as : missing buses, missing auditions of jazz bands, missing the best timing to invite the girl he was obsessed with.. 

▪ Rosa, 30 years old, the owner of  flower shop”Rosalia”, who is unmoved to anything about “happiness” even though her work is make people feel moved and happy in every romantic day. From Rosa’s point of view, Christmas= Easter= Valentine’s day =”Work Overtime’s day”. Dumped by her ex-boyfriend, the heartbroken feelings makes her not believe love anymore..

▪ Two weeks before the Valentine’s day, the multiplied orders made Rosa have no chance but to hire someone to help her. Thus, she posts a notice for recruitment. Meanwhile, Freeman who was planning to save money for a new saxophone saw the notice and decided to work in Rosalia.






▪ During peak period from Mother’s day to Thanksgiving, Freeman has gotten more contact with Rosa, admiring her unique sense of beauty and was obsessed with her unknowingly..


▪ Freeman found that there are full of dried flowers in “Rosalia”, especially the glass bottle filled up dried rosebuds on the desk of Rosa. He was curious about why.


▪ The night before another competition of jazz, Freeman wanted to played the saxophone for Rosa. Unfortunately, he almost missed the last bus for home. Seeing the back of him, Rosa couldn’t understand why he persists in attending those competitions and auditions. Is it worthy to chase a fragile dream?   


▪ One day, Freeman gave Rosa an invitation card of his jazz concert. Rosa suddenly realised why, whereas it also recalled the sorrowful memory of ex-boyfriend connected with jazz...







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