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MAX/MSP_Interactive Mouse • ripple effect

  • Step 1: Using cartopol to capture mouse's position data

  • Step 2: Using for background

  • Step 3: Customizing cursor with

  • Step 4: Make cursor invisible while preserving its interaction

  • Bonus Tips

In this series of patches, I aim to create an interactive cursor that dynamically interacts with background objects within Max. Specifically, the background objects will alter their directions and colors based on my cursor's real-time position. I've developed four patches to progressively achieve this goal (see below).

This project was inspired by my research of immersion with the game music of《NieR: Automata》. I have incorporated a few soundtracks from the video game to accompany these patches, excluding the Civilizations ones (showcased above & demo below), for which I created the sound design myself.


I utilize my mouse's position data (Cartesian coordinates) to determine how the cursor rotates and points in the right direction in, employing the cartopol object.

〚soundtrack: Pascal, by Keiichi Okabe


Using the object, I multiply the cursor icon as the background in the jit.matrix object. Each small cursor in jit.gen is assigned information such as location, size, rotation angle, and color based on my mouse's movement data. The jit.gen content can be seen at the bottom right corner.


To enhance the interactive experience, I customize the cursor while maintaining its interaction with the background using the object.

〚soundtrack: Amusement Park (8-bit version), by Keigo Hoashi

Besides importing different images for your cursor icon using the message box 'importmovie, bang', you can freely decide the objects shown in the background by simply changing the file names in object (circled in light beige). The Civilizations showcase (above) and the demo (below) are made by the same patch with minor value adjustments to achieve the best visual effect.


Finally, to elevate the playful experience, I send the 'hide cursor' message to Max. This allows participants to explore the relationship between their mouse movements and the background objects.

〚soundtrack: Treasure Time, by Keigo Hoashi

To enhance the tranquil atmosphere of this composition "Species," I employ the jit.slide object to gently decelerate the color-changing process. In the final touch, I've also incorporated the into this patch, providing users with the flexibility to adjust the background's distance based on their preference for proximity.


Sound: Hua-Chun Fan

Max/MSP programming: Hua-Chun Fan


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