» Art mini « Germany ❶ Parade

Fresh & stunning experience to see such an epic piece unfolding in front of me—the singing, eye-catching choreography and a feast of orchestra music !

Although PARADE is a tragedy of Jewish assassination, the fluent storytelling never makes you feel too heavy.

Instead, it’s a kaleidoscope of passion, encouraging efforts, and thoughts

—when you see the performers’ clear and steady eyes from rehearsal to the stage, you know.

All the performers have other professional jobs in their daily life.

More about how this true story influences the civil rights of Jewish citizens today, could be seen here.

Recommend to watch the splendid show trailer, and they’ll perform ‘Scooge’ for 2018 Christmas!

Ingo Budwig, the artistic director, conductor, and the founder of Free Musical Ensemble Münster since 1999

—is a surgeon who cuts people to save people daily, and the gifted classmate in my master program 🎼

Thank you for letting me join your music journeys, Ingo, I’m truly proud of you 🎉

Slower ur pace : Taiwan (金石堂) / USA

shooting_Münster, Germany

post-production_Vienna, Austria