» Art mini « London ❷ Unknown tongues

Under a series exhibition at Tenderpixel (autumn 2017– spring 2018),

Nicole Bachmann’s ‘Personare’ probes the voice and power of language, an active agent in a political / civil sense.

This video is Part II of the performance, which performed on 20 January 2018.

Performed by Sonya Frances Cullingford, Patricia Langa and Anna Procter.

Dance choreography by Patricia Langa.

♞ Recommend exploring: Performance as Publishing

肢 / 體 / 語 / 言

交會時的 吐息

碰撞時的 默契





色 無 形

Slower ur pace : Taiwan(讀冊生活) / Hong Kong

shooting_London, United Kingdom

post-production_Vienna, Austria