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I listen without looking and so see.’—Fernando Pessoa《 The Book of Disquiet 》

Gonna jump into a new symphony composition for the book series【WH.Diary 3 & 4】!!

Everything is on track and more music/sound projects would be announced in this month 🚀

Before that, I’d like to share with you some memorable scenes—in UK, Europe, and Taiwan

—that touched me or spoke to me since last summer.

Today is the 1st one: EEMT.

Program in London (Nov.3, 2017) :

Music for Electric Metronome / Toshi Ichiyanagi (1960)

Clapping Piece / Yasunao Tone (1963) → my favourite :)

Water Music for a SP record / Mieko Shiomi (1964/1965)

+- / Takehisa Kosugi (1987)

Canon on AC / Tomomi Adachi (2011)

The・things / Midori Kubota (2012)

In sync / Takumi Ikeda (2012)

Music for the skull / Tomoko Hojo (2017)

♣ More video could be seen at ‘Work’.

Special thanks to all members of EEMT for ur very kind explanation & spectacular performance !

♦Recommend reading : Intermedia / Transmedia, by Shiomi Mieko



Slower ur pace : Taiwan (24hr arrival) / Hong Kong / USA

shooting_London, United Kingdom

post-production_Vienna, Austria