/// Light Atlas ///

The /// Light Atlas /// is the new project extended from my book series【WH. Diary】in 2016.

Originated from the cover title as “Let ur own light shine” on book brochure,

it is also the spirit of this work which collects various kind of “own light” from readers.

I believe everyone has his / her unique “own light” which might not be dazzling

but bright enough to warm and to change their surroundings. Your “own light” could be something glittering you right now,

or something which enables you to shine in the future.

No matter it twinkles like stars or as the gleam of dawn ///Light Atlas/// aims to gather all of them to light up the dark!

Book tour of【WH. Diary】still on its way toward the globe, and I am enthusiastic about your idea of lighting the world.

If you want to be one “ light spot ” on ///Light Atlas///, you’re very welcome

to write me “one light” of you and ”one sentence” on how you keep it luminous.

Time to illuminate ur own light now :)) fionwarm [at] gmail [dot] com

(open to public: November, 2016)