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If you talk about the earth, it’s not moving. Or rather we don’t feel it moving. But it moves. And it is pretty fast, actually—touring around the sun.

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We all like Wagner whereas a lot of people complain about noise music. But when they go to the techno party, they are very happy. [...] People are afraid is their own mind.

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As much as you can make a dance piece without any moving body, and it’s still a dance piece, you can very much make music without sound.

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‘Modern sound’ is not to pretend, it is to play what you feel is right at the given moment. This is modern, the moment, the now. —Kasper T. Toeplitz

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Dance process was the way to link together—the mental envelop of the body and the body envelop of the body. When you are dancing, it also allows the movement of the mind.

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The human movement cannot be exactly the same every evening. In contrast, it’s the flow of data, of information, that is not controlled. —Myriam Gourfink

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