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18.11.'16  Budapest / Łódź  

Finally, I’ve finished all the composing and film-editing before the snow coming! This ‘secret project’—Light Atlas— which is extended from my book will open in one week :) 

I have to thank lots of talented people I met during my stay through Denmark, Germany, UK and Hungary!

Alistair Savage, it’s my honor to be taught by a good musician as you, please tell Louis this news as well.


Jay Bell, thanks for lending me your antique guitar, the smoky tune made sounds slightly sweet!


Daniel James Dante, so lucky to meet you on the street, the first day I got lost to FACT. Your encouragement always cheers me up.Please keep writing, playing, and being fantastic!


Roland Éder, a beautiful accident of being homeless in Budapest for one night…now I knew how to train my ears and strengthen my fingers. Please take good care on health, programming, and jazz!


Carl Davies, thanks for sharing lots of tips of film-making, quite helpful especially the last 10 minutes. I supposed you own the best office (as a King) at FACT, very nice for recording, and very enjoyable time with you.


Others I appreciate and admire cannot be listed here, please give me the chance to thank you in person;)


10 lights, collected from reader’s voices + 10 tones, created by my guitar on a baby level, will meet everyone in the next 10 weeks. Although there is some imperfection, I still want to show my gratitude to readers as a human being not a machine.


Hope you don’t mind to hear some breath, hesitation and my struggling.

I would be very humble for any advice and feedback : ))))

So, see you next week! 








微光輿 ‘ 歷經上半年的徵集,終於在入冬前完成所有製作















下週見喔:)))) see project / vimeo

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