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Grazie Tante,



🎉TITLE: How do Digital Technologies Affect the Aesthetics of Japanese Calligraphy Art and Culture?  新媒體科技如何影響日本傳統藝術與書道文化?

🎉GRADE: 1+


I would like to pay special thankfulness, warmth and appreciation to the persons below who made my research successful and assisted me at every point to cherish my goal :


My Supervisor, Prof. Dr. Oliver Grau, for his vital support and guidance. His encouragement broadened this thesis’s scale, successfully opening the conversation between Europe and Asia. 


My External Supervisor, Prof. Dr. Naoko Tosa(土佐尚子), whose keen insight of ‘Culture Computing’ and sympathetic attitude not only motivated me to see ‘traditions’ in innovative ways, but also greatly helped me to work in time.


Japanese Calligraphy Master, Norio Nagayama, the President of Bokushin association in Italy, whose profound thinking and open-minded vision made it possible to see the promising future of Shodō. 


Also, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Ms. Daniela Myoei Di Perna, the founder of Centro Zen Ten Shin—Curoe di Cielo Puro. Without her continuous assistance, it would be impossible to achieve my filed studies. I appreciated all the seminar participants from Rome, Naples, and Salerno, whose kindness and wise advise made it a good beginning to start my Shodō learning.


I would like to show my warm thanks to Prof. Dr. Ryszard W. Kluszczyński and Asst. Prof. Dr. Morten Søndergaard for their professional feedback during the thesis workshop in Łódź. Media theorist and musician, Dr. Maciej Ożóg, whose generosity took me to the next level on unfolding new media art scene.    


Also, I wish to present my special thanks to Ms. Wendy Coones, Mr. Florian Wiencek and Ms. Janina Hoth whose flexibility and kindhearted consultation turned my research a success🎯


My Mom, Ms. Tsui-Lien Wu, and my Dad, Mr. Yang-Sung, Fan, family members and friends—Zofia Kłeczek, Sara Hung (SP), Qiquian Zeng (Jessica) , for providing me with unfailing support. All the GENIUS classmates of the 1st cohort of Media Arts Cultures, it was a privilege to collaborate with creative talents and be inspired by each unique soul during my learning journey in Europe. 


I always remember the first month, when everybody began learning brand-new magic from professors, I was such a helpless ‘Muggle’ who couldn’t even spell a word.This accomplishment would not have been possible without those ‘unusual’ but mind-blowing experiences we had in Austria, Germany, Denmark and Poland. 


This muggle is still on her way to the magic world, and she looks very forward to seeing you again physically, virtually, and globally.



Best, Take care, Cheers!


Hua-Chun Fan / Fion

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