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Create Sonic ID

Via brainwave


Music producer John Groves

・Sound Branding.


Sound brandingーAural story Listen Music here.

‘Harmony is the vehicle of emotions, and music is the torpedo.’ — John Groves


It’s an undoubtedly mind-blowing experience to participate in John’s 3-day workshop !

John Groves, our 3rd guest composer, is a Hamburg-based composer, consultant and music producer for sound branding whose clients came from diverse fields, such as : TUI, Olympus, T-mobile, Audi, Puma, just to name a few.


Not only showing us how to make a holistic metric analysis from benchmarking to sound quality, John also demonstrated the vibrant development of brainwave entrainment, including HRTF, ASMR, binaural beat and immersive sound design! 

Of course we had the ‘time’s-up challenge’ again—3-second sound logo, 15-second TV commercial, and 1-3 minute company song which was not easy but very practical to get the knowhow of translating (image) attributes to invisible sounds.

Instead of using my overnight-jingle to scare you, I’d like to share another piece here,‘Two Cities’, that also applies music and sound to tell stories—hope you’ll enjoy the time trip (with flying car!) through music:) 

We admire people not merely for his/her veteran knowledge or sound skills, but more for his/her genuine personality, passionate actions and never-exhausted energy to investigate new things. John is the one, who opened the new door for me and indeed turned out his research to practice—the SonicTonic app!

As John said: ‘Harmony is the vehicle of emotions, and music is the torpedo.’ The app deals with your anxiety, sleeping-loss, and concentration via combining Solfeggio Harmonics and light music. So, just grab your headphone to enjoy the frequency journey—

Close your eyes and relax.

♧ SonicTonic is free to download ☞ try out the ’Laser Sharp Focus’ to hear sound travel behind your head and immerse yourself in the 3D soundscape😉

♣ Recommend watching : 'Alive Inside'—a story of Music and Memory (2014 film)


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