Composer Titus Vadon's

noise and



・documentary music.

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Sometimes it's the very people who no one imagines anything of who do the things no one can imagine.'— The Imitation Game (2014)


After working with Stefan, another challenge came

Recording ‘things’ to make scenes lively !

Titus Vadon, our 2nd guest composer, is a Vienna-based musician (drummer, singer) / composer/ actor (WOW!) who has his unique approaches to create ‘organic sounds’ and music. That is, making ‘noise’ from stuff ⇀ recoding ⇀ transforming it into music, or more precisely, some ‘emotion wave’ you find nowhere but created by your own. 

Hence, eggshells could be the fallen leaves you’re walking through, while the gunshot could come from just a locker’s door. Sharing with you an excerpt of what I’ve learned within the field since 2017 summer🐣 The more I knew how to create sounds diversely, the more ignorant I realised who I am and how far to go.


Big thanks to Titus for bringing such ‘out-of-box’ approach to awaken me, demonstrating how to make ‘animals speak’ and ‘history alive’ by those extraordinary composition—music, noise, and something in-between:)

Every ordinary little thing has its potential, just like, everyday little effort is pushing us forward and forward.

◕ Titus’s music for tv.ORF.atUNIVERSUM (Nature series: Wildes Istanbul)


◕ 《擬音》 A Foley Artist (2014 film) Trailer  

◕  入戲的聲音( 7:36, Mandarin only )


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