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Craziness always comes like that, one after another.

The better way to tame my wildness is totally insane and obey 😜I guess.

» February »


04• Manchester⇀Whitworth Art Gallery, Let's meet between trees :)


05-06• Liverpool⇀see 'Not Such Thing As Gravity' with the naked eye & fabulous FACTers

⇀Yoko Ono (Bluecoat) + Victorian Treasures (Walker)

07-09• London⇀Chinese New Year (UK version)

⇀Zaha Hadid (Serpentine galleries) + Tate Exchange

⇀Make machine human (Science Museum) + undressed (V&A) + ACT.Talk (South London)

10-11• VR Amsterdam

⇀The Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision (Nederlands Instituut voor Beeld en Geluid)

⇀Art Rotterdam

12• Eindhoven⇀'Do you hear the people sing?'(Van Abbe Museum) + Fluid Matter (MU)


13-14• Ghent⇀Metamorphosis (S.M.A.K) + Hands on design (Design museum)

14-15• Antwerp⇀M HKA + the private utopia + best night view of MAS + Musée Plantin-Moretus


See you there, lovely people :))


緊鑼密鼓的一月份終於稍稍告一段落,新的旅程即將在二月份展開 !

充電後的【WH.2 Diary】會在二月下旬恢復連載,【Light atlas】則會不定期跟大家見面


Happy Chinese New Year of the Rooster!


23.01.'17  Gdańsk /  Łódź  
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