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Before Thesis Writing




Very intensive month—interviewS, essayS, courseS, countless ‘bankruptcy’ and movingS— from Dublin, Warsaw, Lodz, Vienna, Berlin, Manchester, Liverpool, London, Rotterdam, Eindhoven, Gent, to Antwerp—all intertwined in this whole month!


I was so grateful to meet lots of friends Mike Stubbs, Roger McKinley, Anthony Price, Mark Murphy, Amy Worsley, Carly Paton, Carl Davies, Alistair Savage, Aoife Robinson, Sofia Sigroth at FACT who not only make good artworks, impressive exhibitions, but keep pushing meaningful actions happen! Goood luck for the NSTAG touring in Taiwan !!


Also with 顧廣毅 (Kuang-Yi Ku), I’m looking very forward to the ‘funeral series’ based on our exhilarating talk in Eindhoven.

Thank you ‘EmTech Architect’ duo Ann & SJ for hosting me in the city centre of London—Taiwanese spinach rice(阿咪家常菜) & Malaysia Bak kut teh (‘六塊肌’肉骨茶)were super delicious ‘medicine’ for my sickness during the trips. Best luck for your oil palm thesis & ’Polish cabbage rap’ haha!


Big hugS to Zofia Kłeczek, Michał Klunderl, Adam Makowski, and Julita Marciniak, great thanks for treating me as warm as family—I’ve been missing the rescued experience of the locked bathroom, sweet cat cafe and plenty pleasant talks on my way to Austria. When we meet next time, please let me contribute a bottle of white wine to our ‘breathtaking beer wall’ of kitchen.


Other new friends met on the road Lien Lannoo, Rosie Denning, Johan Rijpma, Daniela Weser, Bárbara Moniz, 오연경, thanks for each insightful talk and big smiles. Although I’m going to lock myself in the deep mountain for writings, I believe we will meet on our next journey, just keep in touch!


Lastly, kisses to Maria Cornelis Mike Sijmens, 曾绮倩 (Qiqian Zeng), and Vicky Lung whose advices are always wise and truly care about you. It’s my great pleasure to meet such good hearts, please take good care of yourself in Paris, China, and Taipei ! (Oh, dear Raisa Mele ! thanks for the 'authentic guarantee', I had yummy 'straseinati' in CRUST on bold street, hope you doing well in Italy xx)


Threw stale habits away, abandon hollow wishes is the biggest lesson of this journey. I’m ready for writing my master thesis by the river Donau, staying here till summer🌿🐞


【WH.2】new article will launch tomorrow,

【light atlas】 re-starts this week as well.


New discovery is awaiting, and I’m gonna lock my room now:)


【WH.2】連載再開: 2/21_試験四:終電前的喘息

【light atlas】本週預告: 2/23_設計師


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