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Kraunke Wöd • Sick World

‘Sick World’ (Kraunke Wöd) is one of the most resonant tune of Men’sTherapy (Männertherapie)—the Austrian pop band who is keen to reveal living problems and social issues through their music. This song focuses on the critical situations of border-crossing, especially on refugees and emigrants of wars and political oppression.

Our calm (even dull) normal life is the most luxurious thing for those are in exile; however, the former is still unsatisfied for not having enough money or ‘success’. Following this idea, the video illustrates the cruel realities between the rich and the poor—bedtime lullaby or breastfeeding on the run, entertaining yacht or surviving ship.

‘Sick World’ reminds us that money could please and depress people at the same time—all depends on how you value it and make it invaluable. These illustration videos are created in 2018, based on real events of Europe's refugee crisis since 2015. German version could be check here.

Sleep tight

Based on the instruments and unique personality of band members, the character design has developed into 2 styles : Comic Strip and Street Pop, which differentiates the German version (without/with subtitle) and the English version (below). The former emphasises on the matter of social concern, while the latter more focuses on the originality of the band, Männertherapie.

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