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Light Atlas #4 C · scientist

C tone _ reflections · starry night _ Scientist how to line up the world _ Seeing the paintings of Van Gogh

'I feel there is nothing more artistic than loving people.'ーVincent Van Gogh


That was 4:40AM.

I dragged my suitcase and guitar, waiting in the Hamburg terminal.

Just got off the bus from Odense, officially ended my studies and trips of Denmark.

I supposed it's hard to see anyone till dawn.

Incredibly, you showed up.

Time was too short. No Debussy, Woody Allen nor Porto wine.

You talked about nano, technology, library

I tried to explain how game and poetry combine

'Art and Sciense, Music and Chemistry, Composition and Research and so on.

The difference is only on the surface, in the shape.' I like the words you said

The dawn was breaking, and the bus heading for Berlin was waiting.

Many thanks for that, that was the most touched moment before the summer came.

6:15 AM

Time was too short, then we hugged twice.

Thanks to Dmitrii RACHEEV (Russia) Let your own light shine: book (Chinese)/ book (Russian)

visual_Amsterdam (NL), Hamaburg (DE) audio_Liverpool, United Kingdom post-production_Lodz, Poland

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