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Dru Masters'



・BBC  series. film music.


‘To sustain your authenticity, be influenced by what you love,

not everyone else is doing.’ — Dru Masters

 Finding Camille (2017)  ◢  

◕ Director :  Bindu De Stoppani (Hugofilm Productions)

◕ Composer : Dru Masters 


Dru Masters, our 5th guest composer from London, is the award-winning composer behind some of the UK's most successful drama and factual shows, such as: Emmy-winning 'Capital', BAFTA-winning 'Damilola, Our Loved Boy', the BBC's multi award-winning drama 'SILK', just to name a few. 

In the compact 3-day workshop, we really benefited from the wide spectrum of Dru’s compositions—from TV series to cinema; from suspense, social-care, to National Geography.

Not only the negotiation strategy with directors, sound designer and editors, Dru even shared his modus operandi of production phase: stem-mixing, recording choices, and sampling crazy sound just between the 15-min course break! 

Besides the mind-blowing lectures, we got the over-night composition task as usual—Finding Camille. It’s a light-hearted comedy film, which addresses the story of a father and daughter (Camille)’s journey to get to know each other through Alzheimer's disease.→ Music starts around 1:45

It’s always interesting to see different ways to approach the same cue—Manuel’s gentle piano well-illustrated the delicate moment, while Richard’s flute combined with guitar was refreshing! 

Nothing could be better than having immediate feedback from professional composer !! Great thanks to Dru for correcting me on the ‘funny note’ with very practical suggestions, which enabled me think twice, experiment new possibilities—adding chorus that I’ve ever tried before!

It’s a wonderful experience to learn from Dru, both on music aesthetics and the career management—All the advice based on his over-15-year industrial experiences is convincing and truly helpful.

Thank you, Dru 😊 Hope your super-top-secret project goes really well in 2019!

Finding Camille : Trailer

Hugofilm Productions

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