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MAX/MSP_Innocent Minds • interactive art

【Art concept】

How could technologies, nature and human desires co-exist well in the society ?

What kind of future we'd like to build up to the next generation ?

Image only╞ +music

00:00 Edit mode. shape - open cube

00:30 Presentation mode

01:18 draw mode 1. lines_adjacency

01:33 draw mode 2. triangle - strip_adjancency

01:50 draw mode 3. point

02:08 shape - capsule

02:30 draw mode 4. lines_adjacency

02:58 video input - THE FISH (PES)

03:05 ╡Video+ Image╞ +music

03:14 shape - open cube

04:01 video input - DESERT ZONE (NieR:Automata)

NO MUSIC INPUT (although you can hear it, it doesn't influence the visual output)

04:14 ╡Video+ Image

04:32 ╡Image only

04:39 more obvious to see the rendering

【Interactive Approach】

Human's living environment has been developing to a very complex level, where the virtual/online networking penetrates every crack of our physical reality - there is no ‘pure nature’ without communication technologies anymore. When things intertwine with each other, the dualism apparently becomes invalid to explain how the world works. Hence, the concept behind this project is to question how could technologies, nature and human desires co-exist well in the society? What kind of future we would like to build up to the next generation?

The exhibition visitors are welcome to adjust the proportion of each parameter: the sound signal will change the visual output based on different tempos/rhythms of the composition. The participant can freely chose which shape (e.g., sphere, cylinder, capsule) they like and how fast/slow the audio modulation would be to influence the moving rate of the visual rendition. By empowering participants to freely control the final output, this interactive installation aims to remind people of a potential harmony of co-existing in one global village.


Photography: Adam Taylor (album cover)

MAX/MSP 8 programming: Hua-Chun Fan

Final Presentaiton of "Tuning In! Routes to a Career in the Music Sector"mentoring program at mdw – University for Music and Performing Arts Vienna, shot by Anna Konrath at BRICK-15 Vienna on Feb.29, 2020 - right before the COVID-19 lockdown of Austria.


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