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✐ Indie Film✐ Vienna Ⅲ. Opening music for ‘merk | würdig’

【merk|würdig】is the story about Dementia which engages the audience into the dilemma of trust and believe, by applying 3D technology to an ingeniously artistic use. That is, people wear red ‘3D glass‘ will see different version (X or Y) from people wear blue glass. And there is only one music should fit both versions.

• Music & Sound design : Miguel Kerstman, Manuel Brandtner, Richard Pleil, Ingo Budwig, Hua-Chun (Fion) Fan

• Director : Alexander Niederklapfer

• Director of photography : David Wurm

• Concept & Production : Krmpf Krmpf Studios

• Exhibited in Ars Electronica Linz 2017 (p.136) & 2018, Austria


Absolutely great experience to collaborate with these creatives—Alex, David, and my supportive colleagues!

We’re very lucky to participate in Alex & David’s project when we just learned the techniques of foley, field recording and sound design. The ‘illusion’ of Dementia patient’s world is merely another ‘reality’ that normal people can’t experience—that doesn’t mean those ‘realities’ don’t exist.

Alex & David cleverly apply the forefront ‘3D technology’ to evoke meaningful discussions of faith and empathy.

I’d like to quote Alex’s word to show how the art form firmly supports the art aim—which I highly appreciate 😊 have to experience it collectively in order to then participate in a discussion with the other half of the audience

to find out about the parts of the narrative that one’s own group missed. And that can only happen in a cinema.

So 3-D technology that is often just an extra added visual attraction in many films nowadays is thus an essential component of this film’s concept.”—Ars Electronica, 2018

We all know “Seeing is believing” is not always true, but creating such cinema experience indeed gives a new twist to the ‘3D technology’ and the so-called ’sympathy’. Congratulations, Alex and David, your effort and success on ‘merk|würdig' is profound and remarkable.

Warm thanks to Krmpf Krmpf Studios for your generosity to provide the best clip here.

Also, kudos to our chief of the audio team, Manuel Brandtnerl, whose excellent music and managing skills make this project richer and successful :)

♞ Recommend reading : ‘merk|würdig: One Film, Two Perspectives’ (full interview) + Trailer

首次參與配樂的獨立電影 ‘merk | würdig’ 是個非常有趣的藝術project—透過「3D眼鏡」的觀影體驗,巧妙翻轉已見與未見、幻想與現實「共存的界限」。故事大綱很簡單 : 一個兒子為了照顧患有失智症的母親Margerethe,僱了一名看護扮演她的孫女Diana。



而對聲音團隊來說,最大的挑戰就是音樂與音效設計(包含室內外的擬音Foley) 必須同時符合X與Y畫面中的情緒與氛圍。

26分鐘的實驗短片,我們四個人都須負責數個場景的擬音Foley : 有時X是Margerethe站在回憶中的花園,


再跟大家分享一個有意思的地方—將德文片名翻譯成英文的話,片名就變成 ’remember | worthy’ ; 若把中間的分隔線拿掉,



這樣的雙關語是不是很聰明 :)


但這也是他們反轉「立體敘事」(stereo narrativity)定義的著力點 : 唯有激發紅色觀眾藍色觀眾的討論,人們才會意識到原來自己看到的不過是事情的片段而已,進而一起尋找、拼湊真相—所以「一起觀影」的體驗是必要的、「一同參與」的過程才是讓敘事豐富健全的關鍵。


這個片頭音樂是我去年因颱風滯留,在杜拜轉機時寫的,歡迎任何feedback與感想 🏜



Life is ur ambition Lab : Taiwan (24hr arrival) / Singapore. Malaysia

visual_Linz, Austria

music_Dubai. Taipei

post-production_Vienna, Austria

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