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The dazzling technologies and piercing noises can always grab your attention easily,

but using old media sensibly to convey ideas is still very effective for me.

When the projected veil/curtain could be passed by the audience freely, film becomes not just the film,

but the ‘real moving pictures’ which has been added the finishing touch on-site, for example.

Also, the very ‘old medium’—human body, voice—doesn’t fade out this electronic scene.

It’s still strong to hit you with its visceral rather than intellectual approach.

♠ The line-up of Oddsound festival 2017(Aug. 25) is as below and following the order in video:

Ernesto Gustavo Baca [AR] ‘Live cinema’

Xname [IT] ‘Phantasmata’

鄭先喻 [TW]



Vytautas V. Jurgutis & Vaclovas Nevcesauskas [LTU] ‘Metroscan’

Risa Takita [JP/NL] ‘Love’

♣ Oddsound Festival 2017(Aug. 22—26) was presented by KORNER in The Wall Music.

Slower ur pace : Taiwan / Hong Kong / USA

shooting_Taipei, Taiwan

post-production_Vienna, Austria