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⇓WH.323 REVIVE ❹ 太鼓 Japanese drum⇑

There is such a diversity of MATSURI (Japanese festival) running over Japan!

Some focus on the solemn rituals of the ancient faith, while some test your bravery within the grand nature.

TAIKO (Japanese drum) is the essential sound you can hear in these culture events 🥁 Here is the collaboration movie between ANA and Kodo Taiko Performing Arts Ensembles, remember to put on your headphone to be immersed into the 3D soundscape of Japan 😉

◐ WH.Diary 復活連載四: 太鼓 ◑

Day102 田無。例大祭、御新米、入場券2枚


夏秋之際,這類和太鼓表演常會伴隨神社的祭り或「納涼盆踊り」出現在東京或是京都的街角。有時是封街,搭配簡單的社區市集、有時是在公園築起高台,上有人打鼓,下有人隨著鼓點跳著お盆踊り的土風舞。不會舞步沒有關係,現場學就行了:) 有意思的是,我發現女生往往是鼓陣主力,不曉得是不是有有趣的歷史藏在背後?

獻上ANA與「鼓童 -KODO-」合作的華麗版,記得戴上耳機享受3D環場音效喔!

Life is ur ambition Lab: Taiwan / Singapore. Malaysia

visual_West Tokyo (Tanashi), Tokyo (Kamezawa)

audio_Dubai, Taipei

post-production_Vienna, Austria

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