REVIVE ❶ 出発 departure
REVIVE⑰ 仕事 Safety=Priority
REVIVE⑬ 仕事 Job hunting
REVIVE⑪ 見学 Infinite potential
REVIVE❿ 京都 Kyoto apartment
⇓ WH.Diary • 2017 OFFER Last Call ⇑
REVIVE⑳ 初心 Devil in ur mind
2017—2018 【wh323: REVIVE

Collaborated with JPTIP, the greatest Japan consultancy enterprise in Taiwan, UDP launched the Special Edition of【WH. DiaryBook series, which includes not only the selected articles from WH.1 & 2, but also the Original Videos shot in Japan, plus Taipei Books Talk with book access.

【WH.Diary】Book series was featured in JPTIP Live streaming and interviewed by《HELLO JAPAN》vol.11 2017. Limited 10,000 copies were distributed through all physical channels in Taiwan, including : bookstores, exhibition venues, Japanese faculty of universities / colleges and Japan-related shops.  
The Book Films were collaborated with artists & musicians in Berlin and Denmark, produced in London. In 2017, the TV CF exhibited at ‘Study Aboard & Working Holiday Fair: JPTIP Halloween party’ in Taipei and Kaoshong. You can watch web-exclusive version here & more ongoing projects.   

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Amsterdam. London / Vienna / Poland / Japan / Taipei

REVIVE ❶ 出発 departure

It’s the prelude of my beginning of working holiday journey—very basic (poor) Japanese in the first 3 months, and of course, getting lost in every hustle and bustle street corner of Tokyo.. Day 14 新宿。迷う子 ..瘋了你,瘋了,當初怎麼就這麼跑來了呢?一點恐懼也沒有,甚至一點真實感也沒有。學了那麼多文法和句型,全像假的一樣。連跟最有耐心的學校老師講日文,也充滿害怕。...

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